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James Marsters Leaving Australia | JM-TOP

Posted by dontkillspike on 2010.04.20 at 12:15
James Marsters - The Official Page
James is sitting in the lounge in Melbourne Australia getting ready to board his flight home to the US. No volcanic clouds for him!


Here's the first James Marsters videos from Melbourne Supanova! And concert videos at that! These come, with thanks, from youarethedancingquee.

James Marsters gig @ Supanova Melbourne 17/04/10 Video 1

James Marsters gig @ Supanova Melbourne 17/04/10 Video 2

James Marsters gig @ Supanova Melbourne 17/04/10 Video 3

Here's some more James Marsters Brisbane Supanova 2010 Videos. These one's come with thanks to borogirl & Werewolven

James Marsters Q&A Supanova 2010

James Marsters signing photo at Supanova 2010

James Marsters Q&A

Supanova gives geeks their moment in the sun

April 16, 2010

IT'S THE invasion of the pop-culture creatures, strange beings who will converse in a shorthand geekspeak, don weird attire and beam themselves into a landscape usually inhabited by bulls, sheep and chooks.

James Marsters, Yuri Lowenthal, & Alex Meraz Interviews


James Marsters April 2010 Q&A

Posted by dontkillspike on 2010.04.16 at 11:45

April 2010

James Marsters April 2010 Q&A

Buffy the Vampire Slayer's James Marsters guests at Supernova Pop Culture Expo
  • Neala Johnson
  • From: Herald Sun
  • April 15, 2010 10:18AM
James Marsters Interview

James Marsters - The Official Page
Message from James from "Down Under" - Hey everybody, having a great time down under. The Aussie fans in Brisbane were super polite and very sweet. I really enjoyed meeting them all. I doing a little R&R in Sydney - another beautiful Australian city and then off to Melbourne for f@*king fantastic last weekend in Australia. - James


Check out these awesome Q&A videos from jadeferg:

James Marsters Q&A Session - Supanova Brisbane 2010 - [1/3]
James Marsters Q&A Session - Supanova Brisbane 2010 - [2/3]
James Marsters Q&A Session - Supanova Brisbane 2010 - [3/3]

And Now…! The Melbourne 2010 Event Guide!

Its amazing that even now as after our Melbourne 2010 Event Guide has gone to print there are additions and changes. Its been THAT kind of year. So please check out below but be aware that the James Marsters Q&A sessions will now be in the Madman Anime Theatre and that the 501st will have a huge display on the back wall of our traders hall. Think “Return of the Jedi”. 

See you all in a few days!

Event Guide

(Spoilers) Exclusive Interview with Writer Bill Williams on 'Spike: The Devil You Know'

Spike is the character that almost every writer, fan or otherwise, dreams of writing for.  He's a poet, he's a fighter, sometimes he's romantic, sometimes he's a cad, and sometimes, just sometimes, he's crazy in a basement; but he's always cool, always compelling and, arguably, he's always the most clever voice in the room.  Is it any wonder that IDW jumped at the chance to give him his own story in the midst of Angel: After the Fall?  

With Brian Lynch's Spike ongoing still in the planning stages, it would be a crime to risk letting Spike simply be part of the Angel Investigations team and so, Bill Williams and IDW teamed up to bring us Spike: The Devil You Know, a mini series that puts Spike center stage and gives him a whole new cast of characters to bounce off of.  No team, no prophecies, just an angry, blue demon and a dream.  Here now, we talk with writer Bill Williams (with a little help from editor, Mariah Huehner) about this new series and why fans are still chomping at the bit to see more from the man who brought us Happy Meals with legs.

Interview & Preview Pages

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