angelica_wl (angelica_wl) wrote in jamespike,

Music Request

Hey guys, new member here. I wouldn't normally make such a post the first, but since I'm getting desperate please let it slide. I'm looking for some of James' music. For the last month or so, I've been hanging around at Limewire, always repeating my search for Ghost of the Robot and James Marsters, and I've gotten hold of wuite a few songs. But it seems like there are some that are just IMPOSSIBLE to find! So I'm hoping some other hard core-fans out there will be able to help me... I'm looking for these songs:
Country Live-In
The End
She Likes Rap Grooves (featuring Sir-Rock, Rockmainoff and Ice Burg)
Up On Me
All That She Wanted
Finer Than Gold
London City
Button Down Vandals
At this point I don't care wether it's a live version or not, as long as the sound is OK. According to this link I've got the rest of the songs, and I'm willing to trade them with anyone who wants them. Thank you for all your help!

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